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Partner Birthing Workshop

with Natalie Angell, Saturday September 22nd, 2007 from 1pm - 3pm

CoreBody Pilates + Yoga Studio presents Natalie Angell, a well-known teacher of yoga and meditation at yoga studios, to offer this workshop to prenatal couples for the opportunity to enhance awareness of and confidence in pregnancy, labour and birth.

This yoga-based workshop will benefit both you and yoru birthing partner. In this two hour workshop, learn ways to deepen your confidence and understanding during pregnancy, labour, and birth.

Partners will learn tools to maintain a calm, supportive birthing environment and support women through the journey into motherhood. Learn tools to reduce pain, cultivate awareness and experience a natural, conscious birth.

Together learn:

Breathing exercises, partner supported yoga postures, vocal toning, meditation and relaxation techniques, massage, a review of the stages of labour and how your partner can help, and an introduction to natural remedies for labour as well as the healing process post-birth.

All are welcome, no previous experience needed.

This 2 hour workshop is on Saturday September 22nd, from 1:00pm - 3:00pm Cost: $55 per couple includes tax. Call Natalie at 604-716-0611 to register now or email her at shantiuganda@yahoo.ca

About Natalie

Natalie Angell is passionate about peace and healing. A certified yoga instructor, Natalie teaches hatha, kids, prenatal, mommy + me and restorative yoga. She has done additional training in healing yoga and working with trauma. Natalies' classes encourage students to cultivate their poses from within and listen to messages from the heart. Every class includes meditations, breathing exercises, and poses which allow students to exporle their truth.

In addition, Natalie is a certified doula and leads birth education circles and rituals within the birthing community.

Kick the Sugar Habit

with Dana Musil, registered Nutritionist

Saturday, April 26th, 2008 1pm - 3pm

cost: $60

Find alternatives to sugar + wheat products for optimum digestion + nutrition

Hidden sugars in everyday foods and alternatives

Hydrogenated oils

Wheat vs Grains

Taste Test
We will offer a taste-test of food products with and without wheat, sugar, dairy, etc from a local company, Mountain Top Bakery to see the difference or "not" that sugar substitutes and wheat alternatives can make to your palate + your health!

Mountain Top Bakery Products:

Bread: rice bread/ soda bread/ spelt bread

Date Bar, Rocky Mountain Road Bar, Brownie, Cookie

Scone / Muffin

Rocky Mnt. Chocolate / Thomas Haas Chocolates

To register for this workshop, email us at info@corebody.ca or call the studio at 604.916.9335.


With Paula Hoover
Sundays 2:30pm-4:30pm Fall Series: will be posted shortly

This workshop will focus on the somatic approach to movement through a dance, yoga and pilates perspective; you will learn to embody movement through different vantage points.

Penetrate levels of awareness and become mindful of the movement. So often we come to class and ‘shut off our minds’. Here you stimulate your mind and body, using both as a vehicle to experience states of intelligence. The more awareness a person can embody the happier and empowered that body becomes.

Explore movement patterns from the ordinary into the extraordinary moving through space in a fluid but precise manner.

The movement patterns presented combine Body/Mind Centering work, and Feldenkrais Yoga experience. Both practices together, reveal the spontaneous and inherent relationship of weight and shape shifting in your body moving fluidly through space. When these patterns are understood and experienced they can be weaved together to create fluid phrases of movement. The participant will encounter the horizontal and vertical relationships of moving from the floor into space with grace and ease.

This class is progressive. The sophistication of the movement patterns will be determined by the participants. This class in not appropriate for people with vertigo.


Cost: $64.20 . Call us at 604-916-9335 to register now or email us at info@corebody.ca

To register for a workshop, email us at info@corebody.ca or call the studio at 604.916.9335.