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Classes: Core Bosu-Ball
4 Core: Pilates on the Ball(s) ~ 4 types of balls + 4 core components

New Class: This summer 2006 we are launching "Pilates on the Ball"!

This class includes Stability balls mixed with bosu-balls, fit-sitters and small body-sculpting weighted balls. Focus is a Pilates based ball workout; core transversus abdominals, mid-back muscles, upper + lower body-sculpting with Lea Howard, a long-time ball instructor! This will be a fun and challenging class using all the core-stabilizers through the ball-work. No pilates experience is necessary. Stability, Bosu, fit-sitters and body-balls are provided.

Corebody Bosu-Ball - Mat + Ball Work
A strong stable core provides stability for ease of efficient movement without injury. Your core is where all movement begins! Whatever your activity level, a strong set of core muscles is most important to prevent lower back pain, and mobility of the spine.
This class incorporates challenging and effective exercises that requires your own body weight or the bosu-ball. Enjoy the benefits of abdominal, upper body and back-strengthening exercises, as well as improved posture. No experience in Pilates or bosu-ball necessary. Mats and bosu-balls provided. All levels welcome.