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Circuit Training

A fusion of cardio + core, this circuit helps to burn fat, increase core strength and build stamina simultaneously.

  • 4 cardio + 4 core components = a total-body workout
  • A fast + efficient 30 minute circuit
  • Certified instruction during AM circuit hours
  • Clean + friendly studio environment
  • Easy monthly payment packages
  • "cardio kick-start" options, privates + semi-privates
What is Circuit Training?
Circuit training is an interval-training technique that consists of resistance/weight training and brief, high-intensity cardiovascular intervals, minimizing rest between sets.

Each exercise is done in a succession. This allows you to maximize your time by minimizing the time you spend resting. The intervals allow you to incorporate cardiovascular fitness into your resistance training workouts. Together they are a great way to build muscular endurance.

Who should participate in a circuit?
Circuit training can be applied to almost every fitness level and is a great way to keep your workouts inspiring, and motivating. Many athletes use circuits to build endurance for sport-specific training.

In a rut? Hit a plateau? Need to get started? The Express circuit is a great way to kick-start a new fitness program.

CoreBody Express
The Express program has been designed with the ‘time-sensitive’ client in mind; 30 minutes = twice around the circuit and targets every major muscle group in 2 minute intervals. See our Express Products for details on each station.

Our Summer Express Circuit is back July 4th - August 26th 2006!

We've brought back the summer special and this year it is the most flexible way to go if you need to choose your own circuit hours. Come anytime within Summer hours and enjoy. All Express circuit hours this summer are 'open circuit' without instruction Any new participant will go through a 30 minute orientation for $25. You can continue with privates or personal training if you would like further training. CoreBody can set you up with a fitness trainer who will instruct, motivate, and educate clients on proper alignment and how to safety use the equipment for best results

Summer 2006 Express Circuit Rates:

June/July/August 10 weeks is $75 or July / August 8 weeks is $50

Train on your time, as many times as you like, when-ever it fits into your schedule. Circuit hours are Monday – Saturday. See our Express Hours for details.

Customized Packages
We highly recommend our customized packages for those with specific goals or looking for further variation of the circuit. We can focus on the cardiovascular components or on the core resistance work building a fitness program that will meet your goals, while preventing or managing injuries.

Meet with a trainer to discuss your goals, then we design an effective program that reflects your current level of fitness, your life-style and schedule. See our Customized Packages for details.

On-site Trainers

All Express Circuit hours as of Summer 2006 will be considered 'Open Circuit" without instruction. However, for first time orientations and continued privates or personal training CoreBody can set you up with a fitness trainer who will instruct, motivate, and educate clients on proper alignment and how to safety use the equipment for best results. Once you have had your orientation, you are welcome to drop-in anytime during the 30 circuit hours! If you require further instruction or would like to have some one-on-one attention, please let us know and we will be happy to arrange a 30 min - 1 hour private for you.

Our fitness trainers are BCRPA certified with weight training skills, as well as pilates and yoga instruction for those interested in core training. Trainers will give precautionary measures for clients just starting out designed to prevent injury and increase safety for all components of the circuit. We will analyze the suitability of all exercises for safety with modifications where necessary.

If during your orientation we feel you require some one-one attention or that you need to have more core stability strength, we may recommend either in conjunction with the circuit or to start with a pilates class to learn how to stabilize through your core muscles prior to working on the circuit. This is simply a saftey procaution and we feel it best to ensure you are well suited to this circuit prior to having you join the circuit. If you have specific injuries, current or old ones, it is imperative you let us know when booking in your orientation.

Top quality equipment + certified instruction = variety, motivation + fast results!

Strength, agility, speed + balance are the focus of cross-training in a circuit environment. We have chosen equipment that allows for variety, intensity and offer high/low impact option.

Our 2006 Spring launch of 6-Pak Circuit was so successful we will continue with these classes this summer! Combine your cardio + core needs attaining + retaining a beach-body this summer with 30 minutes of high intense cardio + 30 mintues of core conditioning work on bosu-balls and standing work, with resistance bands, weights/medicine balls and yoga stretching. The formatt will change each class; some classes will have cardio intervals combined with core work in between each set and others will focus straight intervals and core conditioning post cardio work.

New this Summer, is 6-Pak "Pilates" Circuit. This is a low-impact yet high intense interval training class including core pilates machine-work. This includes a rowing, slide-board, jump-board, reformer, chair, cadillac machine-based workoutl Must have pilates reformer experience to join. This class will run Thursdays 6:30pm with Paula.

6-Pak Spring Class Times:

Mondays 9:15am with Jamie + 6:30pm with Steph
Wednesdays 1pm with Jamie + Steph
Fridays 6:15am Lea
Saturdays Wendy + Diana

6-Pak Summer 2006 Class Times:

Mondays 6:15am with Wendy, 9:15am with Jamie, 6:30pm with karen

Wednesdays 6:15am with Wendy, 9:15am with Jamie + 1pm with Jamie

Thursdays 6:30pm 6-Pak "Pilates" Circuit with Paula

Saturdays 9:15am with Diana + Wendy


Register ASAP– Spring Free Trials for Summer Session are:
Friday, June 9th Noon 6-Pak Circuit, 1pm + 6pm 6-Pak Pilates circuit & Saturday, June 10th 10:30am + 1pm 6-pak Circuit & 2pm 6-Pak Pilates Circuit

6-Pak Pricing:

• Price $20 per person 1x/week + $18 per person 2x/week- 8 week commitment - Summer Session July 4th - August 24th, 2006

Add unlimited Express circuit
• is an additional $60 for 10 weeks June/July/August or $40 for 8 weeks June/July 2006

Updated Express Circuit Hours – are now posted online please see Summer 2006 Schedule.

CoreBody Express Circuit Products

  • Spinning at our circuit is simple, no reservations necessary and your training starts when you arrive.
  • The peddling mechanism of Schwinn bikes have a high inertia drive system comprised of a 38lb flywheel and direct drive gearing that simulates the feel of road riding (the heavier the tension the harder you work!)
  • Additional features include:
    1. 38 lb flywheel mass
    2. continuous resistance adjustment
    3. fully adjustable seat position, with safe and easy to use stainless steel locking pop pins (tighten 3x faster)
    4. shoe brake and toe clips for maximum pedaling frequency
    5. easy to use resistance adjustment knob
    6. ergonomic racing saddle (exchangeable), fully adjustable (fore and aft, up and down)
Slide Boarding
  • Hockey Specific Training (HST) “Stride Slide” offers highest quality slide-board for serious adductor (inner thigh) sport-specific training
  • Once familiar with basic sliding, lunges and upper body bands or medicine balls create a high intensity workout. Many pilates ‘core’ body resistance exercises are adaptable; long-stretch, jaguar, elephant, up-strech and more can be introduced as your core-strength increases!
  • Originally created for off-ice training program to increase players ability to perform hockey specific movements, there are many applications to the slide board specific to a range of sports eg. Skating, speed skating, skate-skiing, down-hill skiing to name a few.
  • If committed to the sport of rowing both on and off the water, the Concept2 Indoor Rower lets you work your whole body in one smooth, rhythmic motion.
  • For everyone from competitive rowers to people just wanting to improve their fitness, rowing works more muscle groups than any other exercise.
  • Rowing focuses on your arms, legs, chest, back, abs.
  • The basic rowing action is a coordinated muscle action that requires application of force in a repetitive, maximal and smooth manner.
  • Every large muscle group will contribute to this action.
Agility Training
  • This ladder is a fun way to train with high or low impact options; squats, lunges, side-steps, side-running, back-wards running
  • For years coaches and trainers have used the ladder to enhance foot speed, agility and quickness
  • The ladder is a useful piece of equipment, key to circuit training enhancing body control and increasing foot speed
  • In a high impact way, it forces athletes to quickly move their feet in and out of an 18” box improving nervous system activation, which translates in to power
  • Agility training will improve everyone’s functional speed and athletic ability without manipulating normal biomechanics
  • Agility training with the ladder help’s to utilize the body’s natural patterns of moment for any sport focusing on the use of balance, strength and power
Core Stability Bosu-Ball
Express circuit includes core training as your core is where all movement begins! Whatever your activity level, a strong set of core muscles is most important to prevent lower back pain, and increase mobility of the spine.
  • The bosu-ball is a challenging piece of fitness equipment, flat on one side and domed on the other, facilitating a wide spectrum of static and dynamic core body exercises that require you to maintain your center of gravity in all planes of movement.
  • The bosu-ball exercises from very beginner level to advanced help you develop a strong stable core providing stability for ease of efficient movement without injury.
  • Beginner and Intermediate Pilates high and low impact exercises can also be performed on the bosu-ball where balance is key to movement and control. Effective for athletic performance, core stability and upper body strengthening. Once familiar with the basics, take it to the next level with further instruction.
Spring-Board Resistance Training
  • “Balance Body’s” spring board offers core strengthening, and upper/ lower body resistance training. With certified instruction you will maximize results include classic Pilates exercises such as back-rowing, front-rowing, squats, roll-down, short-spine.
  • Those with a Pilates back-ground will be familiar with these exercises from reformer and Cadillac training. Those new will receive hands-on instruction. If you have specific training needs, or would like to take it to the ‘next level’ can receive further motivation and instruction on this versatile piece of equipment.
Pilates Mat + Medicine Balls
Mat-based exercises will restore and improve core strength, pelvic floor, postural alignment, balance and breathing.
  • Focus will be on deep abdominal work, with small equipment to challenge you further e.g. medicine balls, fitness circle, small balls, and flex bands.
  • Our instructors aka “core-girls” will set you on the path to finding the deep layer of stabilizing muscles you never knew existed! Build these muscles to support the lower back and increase the mobility of the spine.
  • Individual attention is provided with hands-on instruction during all circuit hours, to achieve proper form and execution.
Yoga Stretching
Every circuit includes warmup exercises, and cool-down with a stretch. Here we turn to CoreBody’s expertise in basic yoga stretching to lengthen and stretch muscles which will crystallize quickly without a proper stretch!
  • Standing, or seated yoga poses or asanas on the mat or bosu-ball stations help strengthen muscles as you coordinate your movement with your breath. Experience the meditative state that yoga instills.
CoreBody Express Hours
Train on Your Time

Your training starts when you arrive…morning circuit hours have instructors on-site. Noon hours and evenings are 'open-circuit'.

Hours for Summer Session 2006 are as follows starting Tuesday July 4th:








8:00 am – 10:00 am + Noon -1pm

Noon -1pm

10:30am - Noon

9am - 1pm

9am - Noon

10:30am - Noon

Kids Yoga Camp running July 10 - 14th will post times in-studio for this week
Ballet Camp running August 21 - 25th will post times in-studio for this week
CoreBody Express Membership

2006 Summer Express Circuit Special ~ June/July/August 10 weeks $75 + July /August 8 weeks $50


Monthly Membership Packages

12 months
9 months $45
6 months $50

Registration fee of $45 will get you started and includes an orientation.

*All hours are subject to change however, we plan to retain as many hours as are listed above The circuit will be closed all stat holidays + signage will be posted in the studio as a reminder.

Terms + Conditions:

There are no refunds, no transfers, no credits, no holds for any reason other than non-cosmetic surgery or serious injury to the Express client. If a monthly client wishes to cancel they may do so, but will be billed the higher amount for the duration to which they have been registered for. Tax is included in all monthly payment options.

CoreBody Express
Express Private Training

You may prefer the one on one environment when starting a new program, or the personal attention needed to help motivate and direct you within your workouts. If this is the case, see our rates below to book in your privates with a fitness trainer.

Two reasons you may want to consider private training especially when it comes to ‘circuits’; avoid repetition + see results! In a private we change the exercises you do to add variety + challenge. If you have never worked on a Pilates Cadillac or you find you keep repeating the same 3 exercises on the bosu-balls…it’s time for a “tune up” or private package.

1 Hour Training
Private Semi-Private
1 x rate
6 x rate $62 $35
12 x rate $60 $32

30 Minutes Training
Private Semi-Private
1 x rate
6 x rate $35 $22
12 x rate $32 $20
Express Customized Packages
Cardio Kick Start
  • $60 no membership required
  • First 5 visits within 1 month is your express trial of the circuit program. No long-term commitment, just a fun, fast pass! Includes 1x group orientation.
  • $260 membership optional
  • 1 month Circuit package includes eight 30 minute private sessions.
  • If you need fast results - join one of our fitness trainers twice a week for 1 month. You will receive some serious attention and motivation!
Body in Balance
  • $300 membership optional
  • Three 1 hour private sessions – learn to utilize cardio + core equipment to your advantage, assess your nutrition, set and achieve your goals! Must be used within 3 month period of time.
  • An evaluation + assessment includes:
    • Goal Setting, Nutrition and Cardio / Core Analysis
    • An instructor designs and implements a circuit workout implementing the best exercises based on your personal needs (ask us for further details on nutritional analysis).

Tax to be applied to all customized packages.