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Classes: Prenatal/Postnatal Pilates + Yoga
Teaching pre and postnatal STOTT™ Pilates + Yoga, we will strive to facilitate the natural intelligence and innate wisdom of the body through both disciplines. We invite the pregnant woman to be aware of this primal resource and to awaken the maternal instincts that are an inherent part of our internal senses. Pregnancy is a time to take care of yourself and continue your Pilates + Yoga training with a safe and effective program designed to take you from belly to baby & back with our pre and postnatal program!
Peapod Pilates
Many of the STOTT™ Pilates moves can be used to benefit the expectant mother, enabling her to maintain good posture, and alleviate some of the recurrent aches and pains, as her body changes through each stage of the pregnancy. In both pre & postnatal classes the STOTT™ Principles of Pilates will help to improve core strength, pelvic floor postural alignment, balance, breathing and relaxation.
Performing certain STOTT™ Pilates exercises on both the reformer and split-pedal chair apparatuses, allows the pregnant woman to stand- or sit which is the safest position to continue exercising after her 1st trimester. This workout incorporates bilateral, unilateral and reciprocal movement variations to help challenge core stability and balance muscular strength. Specific modifications will be necessary as the posture changes, and the relaxin hormone is produced by the end of the first trimester. With the apparatus’ spring-loaded resistance, the focus is on specific breath patterns, proper alignment and muscular endurance training of the peripheral muscles instead of the abdominals.
NOTE: It is important that pregnant women have approval from their doctors prior to beginning a STOTT™ Pilates + Yoga program.
Postnatal helps to re-gain the core strength in the abdominals as the mother works towards a safe and effective recovery- taking into account any added injuries or imbalances. Easing back into her STOTT™ Pilates practice, the new mother has given herself time for her abdominal muscles to recover prior to joining a postnatal Pilates Mat class. It is recommended to wait a minimum of 6 weeks and possibly longer depending on the specifics of your delivery. These mat-based classes focus on the STOTT principles of Pilates and stabilization of the body to tone and strengthen core abdominal muscles for support of the lower back and re-gaining core strength.
Peapod Yoga
Prenatal Yoga

Great for both mother and baby to relieve some of the stress pregnancy puts on the body. Supportive poses are adapted as the pregnancy progresses. Focus on optimal breathing is essential in helping to maintain a calm and healthy state throughout the pregnancy.

"Couples Yoga Birth Preparation Workshops" are weekend workshops presented by Janice Clarfield, a well-known teacher of yoga and meditation at yoga studios, retreat centers and conferences in Canada and the USA. These 3 hour workshops give prenatal couples the opportunity to enhance awareness of and confidence in pregnancy, labour and birth. Please email us at info@corebody.ca if you are interested in upcoming dates. The cost is $85.60 per couple. Mats are provided.

NOTE: It is important that pregnant women have approval from their doctors prior to beginning a STOTT™ Pilates + Yoga program.
Mommy + Me Yoga

This is a playful class encouraging moms to participate with their non-mobile babies. Yoga will help to rejuvenate and tone their post pregnancy bodies through various yoga poses. Focus is on baby movement, and stretching providing the new mother an opportunity to meet other moms and babies too!

Infant massage is now included within the Mommy + Me Yoga classes, starting Fall Session 2, October 20th, 2003.

Yummy Mummies

Now that you've had the baby, it's time to get your body back! Join the ranks of the "yummy mummies" while you tone and condition your whole body. We will focus on muscle groups that need a little more care after having a baby such as the abdominals, the pelvic floor, and the lower and upper back. Posture improvement is of high priority and will help you to relieve your body of some of the aches and pains associated with caring for an infant. These classes offer all-around fitness including strength, flexibility, balance and low impact cardio conditioning. You will be the role model as baby looks on. It is recommended that you wait a minimum of 6 weeks after delivery before starting, and are given the "green flag" by your doctor.