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Classes: Yoga
Pilates and yoga promote a mind-body focus incorporating balance, flexibility and resistance training. Both will compliment your current fitness program and are designed for all fitness levels. Consistent training can provide the following benefits:
  • core stabilization & improved posture
  • abdominal & back strength
  • build long & lean muscles targeting abs, hips, thighs and buttocks
  • increased flexibility & improved balance
  • reduce upper body tension
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Hatha Yoga
Hatha Yoga
Hatha Yoga, also known as ‘health’, is suitable for all levels, these classes focus on physical poses, meditation and breathing techniques. Hatha yoga connects the flow of energy in the body developing mind-body awareness. Come clear your mind, rejuvenate your body and satisfy your soul.
Ashtanga Yoga
Ashtanga I a.k.a 'Flow Yoga'
Ashtanga Yoga, also known as 'flow or power yoga’, is an energetic practice, linking traditional Hatha yoga poses with a powerful breath pattern moving through a series of rigorous poses in quick succession. Learning the flow from one pose to the next makes this class unique and challenging. Standing, or seated and poses or asanas strengthen muscles as you coordinate your movement with your breath experiencing a meditative state that Ashtanga yoga instills.
Peapod Yoga
Prenatal Yoga

Great for both mother and baby to relieve some of the stress pregnancy puts on the body. Supportive poses are adapted as the pregnancy progresses. Focus on optimal breathing is essential in helping to maintain a calm and healthy state throughout the pregnancy.

"Couples Yoga Birth Preparation Workshops" are weekend workshops presented by Janice Clarfield, a well-known teacher of yoga and meditation at yoga studios, retreat centers and conferences in Canada and the USA. These 3 hour workshops give prenatal couples the opportunity to enhance awareness of and confidence in pregnancy, labour and birth. Please email us at info@corebody.ca if you are interested in upcoming dates. The cost is $85.60 per couple. Mats are provided.

Mini-Me Kids Yoga

Yoga is a discipline that can lead kids on the path toward a calm and balanced mind, as well as help them build a strong and flexible body - tools they can use in their everyday lives.

CoreBody Pilates + Yoga studio along with Little Feet Yoga have developed a kids yoga program that will help to improve your child's concentration and focus, stimulate imagination and help to release energy in a fun, safe environment. Using interactive games and animated postures, kids learn about animals, and nature through yoga.

The use of animated poses and basic stretching exercises promote strength, flexibility, coordination and body awareness. Breathing and visualization techniques teach kids how to focus, relax and develop self-control. Kids yoga is a fun, creative approach to yoga that can be very helpful for children whose bodies are still developing. Children will learn many creative ways of bending, stretching, and balancing, such as the Butterfly Pose, Cat/Cow Pose, Tree Pose, and Warrior Poses. These poses help to instill confidence and concentration and a sense of calm. The goal is to get beyond just "doing" the posture. Children are asked to think about what the postures mean and what it would feel like to be these postures -- strong and confident like a warrior; tall, still and grounded like a tree.

Classes offered are: Mommy + Me, Kids (Spring 2006), Tweens/Teens (Winter + Spring 2006)

Kids Yoga 5-8 yr olds

In our fun environment, children play yoga by imitating animals and nature, and by using creative expression, games, music, and storytelling. This playful class encourages self-expression as well as building social skills. Children will strengthen their bodies as they learn how to focus through breathing and relaxation techniques. Improve strength, flexibility, and coordination. They will also learn self-respect and respect for others with the practice of fun postures, group games, and breathing.

Tween Yoga 9-12 yr olds

In this yoga class, we practice fun-filled yoga poses and breathing exercises to promote physical strength and flexibility, concentration, focus inner strength and body awareness. Through yoga kids can gain a higher level of confidence and self-esteem, an understanding of relaxation techniques and self-control, and a feeling of well-being and respect for others.

With more physically challenging postures and flowing sequences, this class includes visualization and breathing exercises used for overall balance and concentration, which can be applied toward everyday situations.

Teen Yoga

Using yoga postures to build inner and outer strength and flexibility are the main focus of this class - a transition through to adult yoga. Here we create emotional balance through the physical and mental benefits of yoga by practicing breathing exercises, flowing sequences, balancing poses and deep relaxation. Positive self-awareness and esteem are encouraged.

Mommy + Me Yoga

This is a playful class encouraging moms to participate with their non-mobile babies. Yoga will help to rejuvenate and tone their post pregnancy bodies through various yoga poses. Focus is on baby movement, and stretching providing the new mother an opportunity to meet other moms and babies too!

NOTE: It is important that pregnant women have approval from their doctors prior to beginning a STOTT™ Pilates + Yoga program.

Couples' Yoga Workshop for Birth Preparation
with Janice Clarfield
Next Sunday will be held in June 2006 1:00pm—4:00 pm (if you are due prior to June please call us and we'll direct you to other workshops Janice is hosting)
CoreBody Pilates + Yoga Studio presents Janice Clarfield, a well-known teacher of yoga and meditation at yoga studios, retreat centers and conferences in Canada and the USA, to offer this workshop to prenatal couples for the opportunity to enhance awareness of and confidence in pregnancy, labour and birth.
The presence and encouragement of a woman’s partner is a powerful aid to labour, delivery and lessens the need for medical intervention. Expectant dads will be supported to understand how to support their partners with confidence and sensitivity. The intention of the workshop is for couples to feel empowered to create conditions to give birth as normally, naturally and as actively as possible.
Often men feel that there is nothing that they can do. When taking this workshop, they become confident that with practical and simple awareness and techniques that they can significantly effect a positive birth experience.
Through discussion, gentle postures, breath work, vocal toning, meditation and massage, couples will cultivate greater relaxation, understanding and enjoyment for childbearing. Calm and flexibility ease the birthing process, reducing pain and increasing the joy of giving birth.
Couples will practice postures together that are both beneficial and enjoyable for the rest of pregnancy and during labour. Expectant dads feel more connected to the unborn baby.
Deepen your relationship with yourselves and your unborn child. Beneficial at any time during your pregnancy.
A 3 hour workshop sunday in June 2006 Date: TBD Time: 1:00pm—4:00 pm Cost: $85.60 (tax included)
About Janice Clarfield
Janice is known for her warm, gentle and creative approach to helping students enjoy being in their bodies. The intention of the work is to deepen experience, understanding and enjoyment in the integration of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.
Janice has been practicing yoga and meditation for 25 years and teaching since 1990. She has studied related body/mind disciplines, including dance and somatic developmental therapy.